What if I can’t get there during your lobby hours? 
Call or E-mail me, and we will work something out.  

Do the dogs just stay in the kennel all the time?
NO, they are let outside very often and are also allowed to run around in the office and living room, much like they would at home.

How often are they let outside and for how long?
They are let outside in the big play area SIX to SEVEN times a day, in addition to the time spent in the individual outdoor run during fair weather.  They can stay outside as long as they want, except when it is too hot.  Most dogs go sit at the door when they are ready to come inside.

Will my dog get to interact with other dogs?
Yes. Campers can go outside to play, grouped together by size. If they DO NOT get along with others, the owners should let us know so we can let that particular dog outside individually.

What happens if my dog gets sick?
With the owner’s permission, I will transport your dog to your vet for treatment immediately and if your vet is unavailable, I will take him/her to another local vet of my choice.

My dog is timid, will he/she be okay in this environment?
 Many dogs that come are that way at the beginning, but all have done really well after they see they are being taken care of, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

My dog has never been boarded before, will he/she adjust to it?
Absolutely.  Once your dog has been here, they see the routine that all the dogs get to go outside and have playtime, and everyone is getting fed, and has toys and treats, they adjust very well and are excited to come back the next time.

It seems like a zoo when I drop off or pick up my dog. Is it always like that?
No, it always excites the campers when a new person walks through or a new dog arrives.  However, when it is just me here, they know me, so they are very quiet.  They will often take a nap after mealtimes when it is nice and cool, and quiet.

What would I need to bring?/Can I bring my own bedding for my dog? 
We will need a copy of the current shot records to put on file for your dog. Please bring your own dog food, so it will keep their digestive system regulated. I provide food bowls, water pails, beds, blankets, toys, and treats.  It is BEST to leave your dog’s own bedding at home.

I need to board my dog now, what do I do?
Call me, E-mail me, or submit a message on the Contact page and let me know you need to make a reservation.  Please print the forms from the Forms page, fill them out, and bring them along with the current shot records when you drop off your dog(s).